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Downham Nutrition Partnership Registered charity 1100040  Company Number 04810528

Working in partnership to enable local residents and organisations work together towards a Healthy Downham

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Community Development Initiative for Downham

The Healthy Downham project aims to develop a locally focussed, integrated, holistic, community-led approach that improves community health and well-being for those who live, work or learn in the area.


We aim to deliver the project, engaging and empowering people by:

  • inviting residents and service providers to explore the issues around healthy lifestyles

  • enabling residents and service providers to define what is needed to build and strengthen the determinants of good health and wellbeing in their communities

  • supporting residents and service providers in seeking creative and innovative ways to address these issues

  • helping individuals to acquire the skills, tools, knowledge, experience and confidence to take control of and improve their individual and collective health and well-being


The five 'strands' of the project are listed on the right. The Community Development Initiative for Downham is funded by Public Health Lewisham.


If you are a local resident or working in Downham and would like to get involved please contact us.

Partnership events

Health events at Goldsmiths Community Centre and Downham Health and Leisure Centre; Downham Celebrates and Phoenix Festival; local assemblies


Working with Impact Matters' community researchers, London Deanery, local residents and groups


What does a Healthy Downham Look Like? Coaching and facilitation training and workshops

Working with local groups

Advice and consultancy on healthy eating, policies and procedures, awaydays


Raising awareness through networking, social media and local links, improving access to information