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Downham Nutrition Partnership Registered charity 1100040  Company Number 04810528

Working in partnership to enable local residents and organisations work together towards a Healthy Downham

The allotments at Kendale Road have been present since the Downham Estate was built. What was once a flourishing allotment site had less interest from local residents in more recent years.


Lewisham Borough Council kindly allowed Downham Nutrition Partnership to develop the site; clearing the overgrowth and starting plots for the local community to grow vegetables.


Over the last years we have had close contact with a number of schools, home educating families, patients from a local GP surgery, and the local community. These is now a thriving allotment association and DNP has handed back all the site to this organisation

There are a number of benefits of coming to the allotments:


It is peaceful - many people comment on how quiet it is at the site. It is a great place to relax and de-stress


Getting active


Learn some new gardening skills


Join in the friendly community spirit


Children can learn where food comes from - it doesn't just appear in bags in the supermarket!


Grow fresh, organic fruit and vegetables to eat


To find out more, please contact Kendale allotments association.

Community gardening

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