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Downham Nutrition Partnership Registered charity 1100040  Company Number 04810528

Working in partnership to enable local residents and organisations work together towards a Healthy Downham


Easy Meals for One or More


Delicious Nutritious supplied the cookery tutors and volunteers for a series of  intergenerational Cook and Eat Courses run at Downham Health and Leisure Centre, Downderry Children & Family Centre,  Goldsmiths Community Centre and St John’s Church with funding from both Downham and Whitefoot Assemblies.

cook and eat

Examples of projects which we have been involved in include:


Talks on Healthy Eating to a wide variety of local groups


Healthy Eating workshops for Childminders


Duckling Adventures aimed at   getting young children and their families to actively explore outdoors


Community Gardening with schools and individual gardeners


Health Events locally at Goldsmiths Community Centre and Downham Health and Leisure Centre


Supporting Cook and Eat Sessions and Fruit and Vegetable Co-ops and other initiatives which make it easier to eat healthily

In 2012 we had 371 attendances; our eldest participant was 87 and the youngest in charge of a (plastic) knife, was 2 years old. Most importantly we had rave reviews. The food was rated as being exceptionally tasty... AND it was healthy!